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Coleman Whole Leg

Coleman Whole Leg
Coleman Whole Leg

  • Coleman Whole Leg

Coleman Whole Leg

HKD 97.8
Origin: USA 

Specification: 1Pack (1.5Lbs)

- More than 125 Years of History

- Fed in All Vegetarian Diet with no Animal by-Products

- 100% US Organic Free-Range Chicken
- + 庫存不足


Founded in 1875, Coleman in the United States more than 125 years of history. Coleman chicken feeds in a comfortable and spacious environment, fed an all-vegetarian diet with no animal by-products.   As 100% US organic free-range chicken, never administered antibiotics or growth-promoting drugs.  The USDA certified organic chicken goes the extra steps to an organic diet with no-GMO grains and free-range outdoor access.  Assure to eat healthy!

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