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有機卡納穀物酵素粉 250g

有機卡納穀物酵素粉 250g
有機卡納穀物酵素粉 250g

  • 有機卡納穀物酵素粉 250g

有機卡納穀物酵素粉 250g

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Product Details

Kanne Fermented Enzyme Powder is naturally fermented from the organic sourdough bread, it has a high concentration of Enzyme, dietary fiber and phosphorus and vitamins B12. It can be mixed with fruit/vegetable juice, salad and yogurt, to enrich the nutrients of a daily healthy diet.

organic wheat, organic rye, organic oats, natural sourdough, sea salt)


  • High in nutrition to balance the Intestinal Flora and oxygen in the blood
  • Sprinkle 2 teaspoons on Oakmilk, cereal, salad or yogurt

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